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/ There are many trends or schools of architecture. Some follow strict rules, others are more tolerant. But each project is unique and special. Beyond individual rules, if we had to choose some basic general principles that we believe in, they would be the following:

  • Architecture is not a privilege of the few. Everyone is entitled to architecture.
  • Everyone is entitled to an affordable, healthy, safe, beautiful and well-designed space.
  • Architecture is a construction process that aims to give shape to various functions of life.
  • Architecture solves problems. It covers the needs of the individual and of society. It improves our relationship with space.
  • Architecture is a tool that directly affects our daily lives.
  • Architecture transmits social values.
  • Architecture is art.
  • Architecture is science.
  • Architecture is not only about decoration.
  • Architecture should not be limited to fancy and expensive materials and objects.
  • Architecture participates to social integration and interaction.
  • Architecture must be in harmony with the landscape that surrounds it.
  • Architecture must put human in the center.