“This synth is a crazy unhinged beast and I love it!” — Cliff Hanga (CLIFFY)

“The araucann Randomizable synthesizer is very unique, in that you can get very interesting results very quickly with it. The internal modulation system is vast and will give you endless variations of infinite complexity!” — Richard Devine

“ommarunn & araucann are rare gems in a sea of software synths that stand out from the crowd. The nature of their design means one can quite easily stumble across unexpected and inspiring results while still retaining an excellent sound quality.” — Broken Note

“It has infinite possibilities, and it’s so fun to work with. Absurd, in all the right ways!” — Emperor

“Been playing with a synth called araucann. It went like this: press ‘randomize’ > ‘holy shit!’ > save preset > repeat. Love it :)” — Nik Roos (Noisia)