| the team / general principles / the process |

/ The architect, having technical, theoretical and scientific training, plans, designs, organizes and supervises the construction of structures, forms and spaces. He creatively handles, organizes and combines materials, techniques and technology, light and shadow.

/ The architect acts as an advisor to the client. Initially he is responsible to compose an architectural proposal that fully meets the needs and requirements of the client, taking into consideration the factors of functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost, regulations, durability, environment, technical factors and difficulties etc. The architect’s role is to solve the problems and the conflicts that arise from the interaction of the above. The resulting proposal can be as detailed as the customer wishes. Besides the form and arrangement of internal / external / surrounding area it may contain advice about decoration, choice of colors, materials, lighting and equipment, selection or designs of furniture and more. At this phase, an initial budget estimation of the project is produced.

/ The final proposal is delivered to the client in the form of architectural plans, construction details and specifications, 3D photorealistic renderings, in electronic or printed form and if required, all the needed documents are presented to the appropriate authorities for authorization and licensing.

/ Then the architect together with, or on behalf of the client, explains the proposal to the necessary teams and specialist technical crews and craftsmen and proceeds to the process of auctioning / receiving bids for the construction of the project. He may also recommend craftsmen, if the customer wishes. At this phase, a more precise budget estimation of the project is produced.

/ Finally, the architect organizes and manages the project construction crew and oversees the progress of the construction.