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/ iraisynn.attinom /
The iraisynn attinom studio was created in 2010 and the area of its activity is architecture, urban planning, topography, scenic design, graphic design, 3d design and photorealism, industrial design, audio and audiovisual works.

/ Klavdios Sklivanitis /
Infrastructure Engineer (Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly)
He has worked in topographic, technical and construction companies in Arcadia. He has teached open source operating systems and creative software at Underground Free University. He co-founded the lemonworks team that specialized in 3d design, architectural photorealism, animation, digital simulations, audio and video processing, editing and visual fx (2004-2009). He has participated in the open source multimedia and 3d design workshop Interspace:Tosmi (Sofia – Bulgaria) and at the 32nd Dramas International short film festival (Editor of the movie “Piretos” – E.T.E.K.T. prize). He is a member of the Open Cinema Technology team, apertus.org

/ Margarita Gkika /
Architect (Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly) / member of Technical Chamber of Greece since 2006
She has worked at the architectural offices of S. and D. Antonakakis (atelier 66), Z. Kotionis, M. Manidakis, doxiadis+ and as an assistant scenic designer at fluxoffice . She participated in architectural, art and multimedia competitions, seminars and exhibitions: Centre for Mediterranean Architecture, open source multimedia and 3d design workshop Interspace:Tosmi (Sofia – Bulgaria), International Architectural Competition for a Housing complex in Evia district organized by Proteas S.A. (1st prize), 32nd Dramas International short film festival (scenic and costume designer for the movie “Piretos” – E.T.E.K.T. prize). Additionally she has participated in the 9th Biennale di Venezia, the 9th Istanbul Biennial and at 7a Sao Paulo bienal de arquitetura.

/ Andreas Vagias /
Architect (National Technical University of Athens) / member of Technical Chamber of Cyprus since 2009
He has worked in Cyprus at the offices Demetrios Constantinou & Associates Architects – Engineers and Christis Loizides architectural & urban design, in the field of urban design and planning: master plans, regulatory plans and studies for the rehabilitation of historical cores of Cypriot villages. He has also worked on the rehabilitation of listed buildings as well as on various architectural projects. In Belgium, he has worked at the offices M4 architecture and CP architectes mainly on renovation and refurbishment of residential and commercial buildings.

/ Eva Betavatzi /
Architect (La Cambre Architecture Institute in Brussels, Belgium) / member of Technical Chamber of Cyprus and Belgium
She has a professional experience in Cyprus, Belgium and France. She has worked at Maratheftis – Yiannouris architectural office, designing residential, commercial and office buildings of various scales. She has also participated in several international competitions, for two of which her team was granted honourable mentions: Polytechnic School of the University of Cyprus and Dasoupolis Lyceum. In Belgium, she has worked for JMS architectural office on residential, commercial and public buildings. As a freelancer she has completed projects in Cyprus and Belgium, mainly renovations of residential buildings and restaurants.